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What are the benefits of young wines? Young wines vs old wines. It says that young wine contain a lot of beneficial elements that together with aging disappear. Research says that 90% of antioxidants disappear together with the aging. Also together with aging wine have fewer tannins, but tannins have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Anti-inflammatory food is a keystone of a diabetes diet.
Because of the carbonic maceration, that suppose to let the fermentation start inside the berry without crushing, the slow fermentation will allow us to get a fresh, fruity, and smooth young wine. It has a very rich taste and will be the best pair for Asian spicy food, that fruitness and smoothness will make the food more enjoyable.
Our company strives to offer You an unforgettable and diverse wine experience!

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Our services

The wine world is huge, having different wines different flavors, different styles that are very enjoyable to be discovered.

Nowadays the economy has very fast growth and the motor of this development are professional teams of Chinese companies.

A lot of people choose to travel to different countries to enjoy local dishes combined with good wines.

Our company organizes WSET classes for people who are in the wine business and for the wine lover.

Our team can assist You to select and import wines from Moldova.

Our Experts

Andrea Ma

Andrea Ma worked a long time as a university teacher and in 2010 was by Confucius Institute in Moldova to teach Chinese Language and Chinese culture. From 2010 to 2016 she was in Moldova doing teaching then being the director of Confucius Institute in Moldova. That year she visited a lot of wineries and start to like Moldova wines. After 2016 she came back and establish a company for distribution of Moldova Wines. Andrea is in charge of wine sales, promotion, and wine teaching

Nicolae Paladi

In 2012 he arrived in China to study Chinese language and culture. In a very short time, Nicolae gets accommodated in Chinese life start to like local food and culture, and made a lot of friends. After returning to Moldova he starts his activity in Asconi Winery having the scope to bring the best of Moldova in China. Nicolae is responsible for selecting wines, importing procedures, and customs clearance

Dmitrii Beleakov

Dmitrii is one of most specialist restaurateur from Moldova having a rich experience managing wine restaurants. Dmitrii is organizing the wine logistics in Moldova also Dmitrii will assist You in establishing a successful wine shop and wine restaurant.

Bonsanco Creative Studio

Bonsanco is our partner in elaborating product designs and promotion materials. Being one of the leading design companies in Moldova Bonsanco elaborated wine design for Spanish, French, Romania, and of course Moldova wineries. Bonsanco will design the attractive label for Your wine and will assist you in promoting it.